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10 Tips for Social Media Marketing

First, lemme tell you that I have NO IDEA what I'm doing. Frankly, it's totally mind-numbing the amount of resources there are out there. Which is great! But again, mind-numbing. So the focus I want to pursue for social media and blog posts is just to be transparent and true. True to myself. True to being a regular ole human being. Not some perfectly curated, poetically worded popularity seeker. Also, there's no list here. I just happen to know that people like numbered lists and I totally put that as the title so you'd come read this. But I DO want to share with you what I've figured out so far!

Today I finished up designing some Facebook promotional posts. I'm not paying for any advertising because I can't afford it right now. So I'm using my graphic design skills to create eye-catching mockups of my art and designs, then adding them to some appropriately-sized graphics to share on Facebook and Instagram. I've also done a little SEO research by searching IG for relevant hashtags and adding them to a quick keyboard shortcut on my iPhone so they're super easy to add to any post caption. I know I need to be producing more art and scoring more paid graphic design jobs but I also know the importance behind these foundational fixations. I keep reminding myself that this isn't going to happen over night. So even if it means spending six hours of my day creating mockups and social media graphics and nit-picking the hell outta some hashtags, I'm gonna do it. Because the process matters!

I see so many IG videos where people show their current success but it's did you get there? Where did you start? What did that process look like? So I'm half showing you the nitty-gritty beginning and half keeping a journal for myself to look back on. Because how cool will it be one day some years down the road when I'm taking a day off because I said so? Not because I had to request it off through the proper channels. Eventually I'll look back and read this post with a smile, throw back a glass of bubbles to celebrate, and hug myself for not giving up.

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