Entrepreneurial Pressure

I resent writing blog posts. Because I feel this stupid pressure to make it perfect. Clever lines, correct grammar and spelling. Thank the Lord above for whoever thought to make spellcheck. Sheesh. I'm gonna write this one anyway cuz I'm sure it'll be good for me. Maybe in time I'll come back and read these "in the beginning" ones and be able to laugh.

But seriously there's so much damn pressure I feel to do this business thing right. Like perfect. What would even define starting a business perfectly? I could probably google top level business owners and find some interview that will prove to me that they did not just start one day and all went perfect. They'll have experienced failure. Struggles. More failure. Yet why do I get so discouraged by the fear of failure? Why is there so much pressure to do right? I suspect it has a good bit to do with the age of instant gratification.

Order dinner from your phone and it's delivered within an hour. A few taps and/or clicks and Amazon will ship your retail therapy picks in a few days. Ask Dr. Google why you feel nauseous after eating a vitamin on an empty stomach and you'll receive an instant answer. Everything is so fast nowadays. Maybe that's part of the pressure I feel. I see people and their stories showing their business but they appear to have already achieved success. Or I'm scrolling through my feed and see an ad for a free webinar to "teach you six things you need to start your business" followed by a sales pitch that costs three times my rent. Yet subconsciously I think, "If I buy this course, tomorrow I'll be successful." WRONG.

So how do I do this right? No clue. But what I do know is what I've read about how to handle entrepreneurial pressure. Here's a couple favorites:

  • TRUST YOURSELF - I gotta remember that I have the talent already AND I've got the determination and experience to make this happen. I CAN do this!

  • HAVE PATIENCE - Good things take time. The success of others I see online didn't happen over night. They likely have been and continue to consistently show up for their goals every single day. I'm gonna show up for my success!

  • NO COMPARISON - Do not compare myself to others. This is MY journey! Seeing myself as my own competition will create a healthy motivation without the pressure of being someone I'm not.

There's so many other great, encouraging resources to help us handle this entrepreneurial pressure. I'm gonna go keep reading but click here to read the Forbes article I picked my favorites from. Hope this helps!

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