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The Reality of Starting a Business

Many of us know that social media only shows what people want you to see. They want you to only see their success. Even then they can't just show a simple example of their success. It has to be enhanced and doctored with a filter or extra sparkles and animated rainbows. But the reality of starting a business is that it doesn't happen over night. Plenty of people like me start with little to nothing. I'm blessed to have more than "nothing" like a roof over my head and food in my fridge. But the reality is I barely made rent this month. I could keep trying to get a salaried position like I've always thought I'm "supposed to." But to be honest, that just doesn't sound appealing anymore. I've decided to pursue my OG dream of becoming an artist!

MDK by Thea Stevenson

While I'm making a living as waitress, I'm spending my downtime at Google University by researching all possible free resources on how to start and grow a business as an artist. While I'd love to just paint something and sell it, a full time career as an artist will require a mindset shift. I have to go about building this business as a BUSINESS, not just a hobby. This means I'll need to really focus on marketing and exposure. Luckily because of social media, getting the exposure I need will be easier than when I was in high school and someone told me "you can't make a living as an artist." I'm also working on my mindset by listening to some motivational/entrepreneurial podcasts that I'll list below!

This most definitely will NOT happen over night. I keep reminding myself that it's ok for this to take time. So long as I have my job that provides the money I need to pay bills, financial comfort will allow me to feel at ease while I grow my art business. It's kinda scary really. And my mom is nervous because her reality is that you go to school, get a degree and get a salaried job with a benefits package. But eventually, MY reality will be making enough money from art I love to create that will afford whatever benefits I want! Do I wanna pay $900/mo for great private insurance? Sure! Do I wanna take two weeks off while still making passive income to take myself on a little vacay? Hell yea! Do I need to request days off so I can spend the holidays with my family? Hell no!

My reality right now is realistic: I go to work as a waitress with a bachelor's degree in graphic design. My reality is changing my mind after I've already started to advertise graphic design services. But that's the reality of starting a business! It develops over time. In the meantime, I make enough money to pay bills, eat and keep a roof over my head. I've tried to follow the typical path of high school to college to salaried career but it didn't work out. I've repeatedly heard the phrase "sometimes rejection is redirection." If getting rejected by 400+ applications and 17+ different interviews for graphic design positions isn't God saying "GO THIS WAY," I don't know what else it's supposed to mean! So here's to me doing all the things to make my dreams my reality and sharing them with you as I go along. Check out my IG to see new art going up at @thea_creates!

Fav motivational and mindset shift podcasts:

Style Your Mind with Cara Alwill

Project ME with Tiffany Carter

Daily Boost with Scott Smith

Creative Pep Talk with Andy J Pizza (yes that's really his last name! 🤣)

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